Running an NGO, nonprofit, or other charitable endeavors

NGO, nonprofit, or other charitable endeavors

When you are running an NGO, nonprofit, or other charitable endeavors, it might be easy to overlook the importance of branding and marketing, but they are just as essential, if not more so than they would be to a for-profit business or organization.

What do NGOs and other charitable organizations get from brand marketing?

First impressions matter. Whether it’s the way that you present yourself or the idea that your NGO is perceived, you only get one first chance.

Aside from the obvious benefit of visibility, there are many important reasons for NGOs to emphasize branding and marketing. Most importantly is the increase in recognition that is achieved by exposing as many possible donors to your organization as possible, whether you are asking them to give or not. Establishing your NGO as a reliable and long-established name is critical in converting potential donors to contributing partners. When choosing how to make charitable contributions, it is essential for the donor to believe that not only is their donation going to a good cause but that they are forming a relationship with an NGO that they can trust to do good work in the future. Increasing your brand recognition, and creating a positive brand identity are all a part of that process.
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The Importance of starting early.

One thing that’s easy to overlook when in the early phases of getting an NGO off of the ground is marketing. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if your cause is noble enough, or that if you help enough people, then awareness of your foundation will naturally follow. However, there are more nonprofit organizations than ever. As a new face, if you don’t do something to set yourself apart, it can be easy for your message to get lost.

What types of marketing, and brand enhancement work for an NGO?

When it comes to marketing, there are so many possible avenues that it can be tricky to choose the ones that are the right fit for your NGO. Much of what will determine your success is not the strategy that you wish to employ when marketing, as much as it is the strength of your message and the need that you hope to fulfill. That being said, it’s still essential that your marketing dollars go as far as possible to spread that message and to raise awareness about the work that you do.
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Traditional forms of print marketing, such as newspaper advertisements, magazine pages, and mass mailers, are on the decline. While they can still be useful in certain circumstances: say, for instance, a magazine advertisement in a popular publication which has a similar core audience to the one that you are trying to reach, or a mass mailer campaign inviting residents to an upcoming event. However, marketing resources spent on traditional print outlets sadly don’t go as far as they once did. Bearing this in mind, it is important to point out that certain forms of print marketing are still thriving. Informational pamphlets which help educate about your mission, and tell the stories of the people you’re helping, are a must. Another form of print marketing that is still just as important as ever is the classic business card. While you might not think of your card as a form of marketing, the layout, the text, and the style of your business card can tell someone a lot about how you see yourself and your NGO.

Visual media, such as television spots, billboards, and other types of visual advertising designed to appear in the public space, are a trusted method for increasing brand awareness and visibility. NGO’s and similar types of organizations have benefited greatly by using images to tell a story which connects with the viewer's empathy and allows them to see a situation in need of redress. These forms of marketing also have the advantage that they can reach a vast audience who might have otherwise never encountered your NGO

We live in the age of the internet, and if you aren’t marketing yourself properly on the web it can seriously affect how your brand is perceived. Just updating your blogs and ensuring that you have proper SEO on your site to help people find you can go a long way. Social media visibility, online advertising campaigns, and having a clean ergonomic design to your site, are becoming increasingly important.

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