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Built on years of multimedia experience

ViDstudios is a genuinely unique partnership. We lend ourselves to working with diverse brands across various business sectors. We don't merely just design websites that look great, but they also deliver quantifiable benefits for your business.

ViDstudios | Providing a complete range of creative services to clients in a wide range of sectors

Full-Service Design & Marketing Company

ViDstudios is a full-service design and marketing company, based in QLD Australia & Arizona USA. We create eye-catching websites that engage visitors and convert them to customers. We work with leading companies throughout Australia and the United States and have established a reputation for delivering outstanding quality work. Our prime areas of expertise are website design, app development, content writing, 3D animation, graphic design, aerial and ground photography/videography and SEO. Our team will create a site for you that is responsive and easily accessible, no matter what device your customers use.
Web and mobile apps QLD Australia

App Development

Each app we create is developed and designed specifically to suit each client's individual needs. ViDstudios offers guidance throughout the entire process from the initial idea up until launch.
We offer you protection via an NDA to help you validate the feasibility and also build a structure to ensure your thoughts are brought to life most impressively.

Website Design

Our website design process is focused on working towards your business objectives, to ensure you achieve the most significant levels of return on investment. Whether you need a whole new website or just a web design refresh, our team of highly experienced web designers have all the necessary expertise required to achieve your goals, and we will create a site for you that is responsive and easily accessible, no matter what device your customers use.
Website design QLD Australia
Aerial drone photography QLD Australia

Photography & Videography

We utilize the latest in UAV (drone) technology as well as traditional ground-based photography to capture the best possible imagery for any event or function. We also offer our clients the best in video production and editing.

Unique Editorial Marketing & SEO Content

At ViDstudios we pride ourselves in creating unique, quality content for both small and large businesses. Unlike many content writing agencies, we are fully trained in technical writing, content writing, and journalism. We provide a friendly, personal service, and serve our clients long-term.
Content writing and SEO QLD Australia


Website design, photography company QLD Australia

Courtney Pugh

Business Owner/ Pilot

Professional, Affordable Web Design and Multimedia Company.

Originally from NSW Australia, I am a certified pilot and highly experienced content writer as well as a designer who’s traveled extensively throughout the world. I have recently returned to pursue my dream of running my own multimedia business here. So here it is!