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Our drones capture beautiful high-resolution aerial photographs and video, and we can offer 360º aerial panorama photography that will give you a complete view of your subject. You will be amazed at the beauty of photography and video captured from way up in the sky. Aerial photography will take your breath away, capturing stunning images from a whole new perspective, perfect for personal or business use. Whether you are looking to capture a photo of your business to hang on the wall or film your golf course, an aerial image taken by ViDstudios will leave you in awe. We use the latest in drone technology as well as ground cameras to ensure we provide our clients with the best results possible.

• Drone Aerial Photography • Aerial Filming • Ground Photography/Filming-Weddings, Events & Real estate• 360 Video / Photography• Time-Lapse Video • Aerial Mapping and Surveying • Aerial Commercial Filming • Portrait photography

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Aerial real estate photography and videography produce a unique dimension not possible from the ground. Join the future of real estate sales by enhancing any listing with an aerial perspective. It could very well lead to the difference between “For Sale” and “Sold.”

Take the opportunity to WOW prospective buyers with the beautiful visual impact provided through high-quality aerial photographs and video footage to promote your listing. Aerial photographs and video footage will complement the pictures taken from ground level (either by us or someone else) and offer clients a different perspective as they will show the property in its entirety.

Our property photographer will collaborate with you to decide what shots and angles you would like to capture; then we’ll make sure they’re impeccable.

No need to wait long for your aerial photos either. Book your time and date we guarantee you’ll have your fully edited pictures by the following day.

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At ViDstudios we have designed wedding photography and video packages to provide maximum exposure of your wedding within your price range.
As a bonus we don’t just do the aerial filming, we also do ground photography and filming. High definition stills will be utilized from both the aerial and ground footage to create a beautiful complete video package for you and all from the one company rather than having to hire separate photographers. This means you get all the photography for your special day for the same price! Call or email us for a quote today.

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